Pressmeddelanden 18 oktober, 2019

Brännland Cider releases Brännland Iscider Belle de Boskoop 2015

On October 18th Brännland Cider releases Brännland Iscider Belle de Boskoop 2015 in a limited edition of 650 bottles. 

Brännland Iscider Belle de Boskoop is the finest must from the exceptional 2015 vintage, fermented wild in a small oak barrel and left to age in the same barrel, untouched, for 36 months. The prolonged ageing has given the ice cider a depth and weight that is second to no other dessert wine. 

All the characteristics we associate with barrel aged ice cider are augmented,; oxidative, avec-like notes of dark sugar and caramel dominate. Just before bottling we’ve added a touch of the Brännland Iscider Barrique 2018 to turn up that apple acidity and balance the 220 grams of residual sugar we’ve left in the Belle de Boskoop.

Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Brännland Cider,

– The 2015 was our fourth vintage and somewhere around that time we started thinking about which way we wanted Swedish ice cider to develop beyond its mere existence. We felt that one of the first trials should be to age high quality ice cider for a long time. 

The team at Brännland Cider has followed the development of the Belle de Boskoop barrel at uneven intervalls, not tasting at a schedule,

– The idea we formulated on the advice from Markus Lundén when laying down the cider was to put the barrel in a corner of the cidery and forget about it. A little like Douglas Adams’s instruction on learning how to fly. In the spring of 2019 we tasted again and decided it was time to go to bottle. The final ice cider is beyond our wildest expectations. An interesting note on the quality of the material in the 2015 is that we’ve not put down any ice cider to age like this until the 2018 vintage.

– Swedish apples have the potential to deliver fantastic experiences. We hope that Belle de Boskoop 2015 will showcase some of that potential. 

Belle de Boskoop 2015 on Brännland Ciders web.


APPEARANCE Deep amber with notes of deep red.

NOSE Round dark sugar, rum and calvados notes, forest floor after a spring rain.

PALATE Heavy Caribbean caramel-sweetness balanced by a clear, singing apple acidity.


ABV: 9,5%

RESIDUAL SUGAR: 220 grams/litre


VINTAGE: 650 bottles 187 ml – bottles/case 6

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 8-12 degrees centigrade 

STORAGE: Very good ageing potential.

PAIRING: Meditational wine. Buy a bottle. Keep it for a long time. Enjoy on a special occasion.

Brännland Cider produces ice cider, a sweet dessert wine cider, concentrated and elevated using the natural cold temperatures of the landscape using 100% Swedish apples. The company is situated in the northern Swedish county of Västerbotten, not far from the arctic circle.