Brännland Cider

Team / Andreas Sundgren

Andreas Sundgren founded Brännland Cider in 2011 with the goal of creating one of the worlds finest ice ciders. Since then he’s led the company from a trial production of 500 bottles to a production of 90.000 bottles in 2018 with Brännland Cider selling it’s ciders on both national and international markets. In the years since it’s inception Brännland Cider has gone on to win several international awards for its ciders and the dream of producing one of the world’s finest ice ciders to rival the best sweet wines is realised.

Team / Joel Welander
Flying cidermaker

After training at the prestigious culinary school in Grythyttan Joel has cut his teeth at wineries around the world. Most notably at Georg Breuer in the Rheingau from where he has joined the Brännland Cider team to oversee the cider making, train new winery staff and develop our ice ciders above and beyond.

Team / Markus Lundén

Since 2014, Markus Lundén has acted as Brännland Cider’s consulting winemaker in tandem with his work as head winemaker at Riesling producer Georg Breuer in Rheingau. During the years he’s been with us Markus has helped develop and refine our ciders further and remains key to carrying Brännland Cider into the future.

Team / Tove Franzén

Tove Franzén runs the day to day operations at Brännland Cider. With a background in economics and logistics she’s the one that makes sure Brännland Cider moves forward regardless of the challenge at hand. From general logistics to bottling our cider to handling orders, invoicing and shipping.

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