Press releases 25 October, 2016

Brännland Cider releases limited edition ice cider collection “Brännland Iscider x 3”

On November 4th, Brännland Cider releases Brännland Iscider x 3, a limited edition collection of three Brännland Cider Ice ciders. The 1000 multi-packs released contains three 200 ml bottles and the ciders represented in the collection are,

Brännland Iscider 2015. Brännland Ciders standard-cuvée made up of 15 different apple varieties and aged in steel tank for 3-6 months. The clearest most distinct expression of Swedish apples. 

Brännland Iscider Fatlagrad/Barrique 2014. Also a cuvée but aged for another 12 months on used Sauternes and Chablis barrels. The ageing softens and integrates the acidity and fresh apple notes with the natural residual sugar to create a deeper, more complex cider, darker both in color as well as on the palate.

Brännland Iscider Ellenäs Lobo 2015 is made entirely of late harvested Lobo apples from Ellenäs in Småland. Ellenäs is one of Swedens oldest family run orchards and the ice cider from Ellenäs has a softer, earthier expression clearly mirroring the type of fruit and the terroir of the orchard. We view Ellenäs as a Grand Cru of Swedish apples. 

Brännland Iscider x 3 is released at a number of Systembolag (Swedish monopoly stores) under the the heading Small Releases and has product number 91804. 

Brännland Cider producerar iscider och cider på 100% svenska äpplen för en nationell och internationell marknad. Bolagets första årgång Brännland Iscider, ett isvin producerat på äpplen med sitt historiska ursprung i Kanada, släpptes 2012.