21 May, 2018

​Brännland 2016 Iscider served as bespoke wine pairing at Coworth Park, Dorchester Collection

Brannland 2016 IsCider served as bespoke wine pairing on Coworth Park’s (Dorchester Collection) Tasting Menu

Coworth Park is the world renowned 5 Star Dorchester Collection’s Ascot country retreat. For those customers who have had enough of the hustle and intensity of central London then there is Coworth Park. Centred around horses it is boasts a central historic house, around which there are various out-buildings used as private suites, private dining or event area and other luxury accoutrements.

The restaurant is Michelin starred and menus are designed by Executive Chef Adam Smith. Service is led by the impeccable Jonathan Ellson, knowledgeable to a tee and providing perfectly balanced restaurant direction to the well organised staff team.

So it is an honour to be accepted by Coworth Park on their wine list in the first place, but to be on the tasting menu and served in the special La Pomme glasses is a real treat.

La Pomme Glasses are special. Designed by Ingegard Raman, renowned for her work with global retail businesses and others, this return to her favoured media of glass is an honour for Brannland.

The tasting menu is made up of seven dishes carefully crafted by Adam and his team. In their words

“Dining add Coworth Park is about experiencing the English countryside and the best of British products, cooked in a simple fashion with a respect that allows them to shine”

Amongst the Caviar Tart with Cornish Crab, Cornish Turbot, 60 day Salt Aged Beef, is Sautéed Duck Liver with Apple, Cider and Ginger chosen to partner the Brannland IsCider. The diner receives this as the second dish, an inviting rich counter to the first-up, palate readying fresh, sea oriented Caviar Tart.

The richness of the duck liver, perfectly cooked with a pique of cider and apple and a fresh warmth of ginger sits alongside the sumptuous yet fresh Brannland Iscider. The sweetness balances the acidity, the unmistakeable apple intensity wraps around the duck liver and apple forming a delicious rich but sensuous mouthful.

Served in La Pomme the Iscider is in its perfect goblet. Delicate and imperfect hand crafted perfection provide a bowl that is ideal to swirl and discover, the tapering rim forming the sense of the apple offer the impeccable aperture to receive the aromas of sophisticated apple. Brannland IsCider is definitely apple, but more sophisticated, as wine. Wine smells of fruit, hence the often over worked adjectives, but seldom do we say grape! Ironic maybe, but it goes to show the level of appreciation and respect that we have for the drink. The same goes for the Brannland Iscider – it has the aroma of apples, but more so, more intense, yet delicate, finessed, although distinctly powerful.

We look forward to being able to celebrate with Coworth Park guests a deeper understanding of Brännland, Iscider and respect for the apple in the near future.

/Alistair Morrell, Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Brännland Cider