Press releases 6 November, 2018

Brännland Cider joins Cider Is Wine Alliance.

Cider is Wine is a protocol-based alliance of global cider producers who seek to raise the quality of cider consumption through the communication of 100% natural unconcentrated apple juice cider production. As consumers seek more authentic, naturally-produced food from artisan producers, Cider is Wine has been created to focus the power of many smaller producers with one message. ‘Passion’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Satisfaction’ are the hallmarks of our producers who seek to provide more natural, purer cider which can be appreciated just as a fine wine.

Brännland Cider is the first producer to join the alliance.

Andreas Sundgren CEO of Brannland Ciders, said:

“Brannland is delighted to join Cider is Wine as we continue the drive for cider to be seen as a high quality drink in its own right and to be able to sit on shelves alongside reputable winemakers. Brannland Ciders have secured distribution internationally alongside winemakers with long standing reputations and we want to work with other producers who would like to achieve the same goals.”

Alistair Morrell CEO of Cider is Wine is excited by the opportunity to develop a new category:

“Cider is Wine is a new way in which to see cider with quality standards that consumers can easily understand and that communicate directly to them. We are looking forward to working with producer members such as Andreas at Brannland and innovative distributors that want to forge a new category for cider.”

Brannland Ciders are made from 100% unconcentrated natural apple juice, have no additions or preservatives, no additions of flavours or colourings and no additions of alcohol and they do not have sugar added. In the absence of EU laws protecting the quality of cider in Europe, as there are in wine production, Brannland IsCiders are the only naturally cold produced IsCider in Europe made according to the Quebec Appelation laws. They are produced 600km north of Stockholm in Vannersby, where, in winter, the average daily temperature is well below freezing and often as low as -25° C.

Joining the Cider is Wine alliance – if cidermakers would like to join they should contact:

Alistair Morrell –

+44 7523 609122/ +44 1628 628258

Roddy Kane –

+44 7900 91 88 71 / +44 20 3289 4194

Brännland Cider produces cider using 100% Swedish apples for a national and international market. The company's first vintage, an ice cider produced in the Swedish county of Västerbotten, not far from the arctic circle, using Swedish apples in adherence to the denomination set in the  country of origin of ice cider, Canada, was released in 2012.