Press releases 10 October, 2019

Brännland Cider in partnership with Vinunic Finland

Swedish ice cider producer Brännland Cider announces partnership with Vinunic Finland.

Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Brännland Cider,

– Our partnership with Vinunic Sweden has been very successful over the past year. Vinunic has proven to possess the quality backbone in terms of portfolio profile as well as horeca and monopoly activities that Brännland Cider has been looking for. And so it makes sense to partner with Vinunic Finland where we are confident the work is driven by the same values and professionalism in a market that has a similar mix of components. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship. 

Kaj Kekki, CEO, Vinunic Finland,

– Brännland Cider with great and genuine products is just the right partner for us and for our customers. As environment and carbon footprint are important values for us and also for our customers we and they are looking for more local food and drinks. As a Nordic company, we want to find partners from nordic countries, to offer all these values for our customers. 


Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Brännland Cider,

Kaj Kekki, Vinunic Finland,

Brännland Cider produces ice cider, a sweet dessert wine cider, concentrated and elevated using the natural cold temperatures of the landscape using 100% Swedish apples. The company is situated in the northern Swedish county of Västerbotten, not far from the arctic circle.

Brännland Cider produces ice ciders in accordance with the appellation set for ice cider in its country of origin, Canada and has won numerous international awards.