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Brännland Cider releases 2018 Claim by Brännland Cider

Brännland Cider releases its second vintage, the 2018, of acclaimed ice cider Claim by Brännland Cider. Claim was first released in 2019 and is a new step for ice cider. A lighter sweet wine where the natural acidity of Swedish apples is showcased even more than in the company’s more traditional sweet wines.

Claim was originally a part of Brännland Cider’s over all ice cider blend but after some years of production the wine making team at Brännland Cider identified a specific range of fermentations, the one starting lower in sugar, as having a very different expression even though being form the same apple varieties, harvest year and concentration as the fermentations starting at higher sugar levels and in 2017 it was decided that this expression warranted its own voice and so Claim by Brännland Cider was born. Claiming new ground for Brännland Cider as well as for ice cider in a larger perspective.

Claim exhibits lightness and light and much more floral profile than the more concentrated ice cider. Lower in alcohol and residual sugar it also has a wider range of pairing than sweeter wines, from traditional pairings with cheese and light desserts to savoury dishes.

Andreas Sundgren, founder Brännland Cider on the 2018 vintage,

“Our goal with Claim, beyond showcasing the width of expression of Swedish apples, was to create our equivalent of an Auslese in terms balance and body. The 2017 was fantastic in many ways and we were intensely proud of it as a first outing but it was also based on assumption rather than previous experience. Because of that the 2017 is closer to a semi dry wine. The 2018 is different, it has the same residual sugar as the 2017 but with a slightly lower amount of acidity which menas it is closing in on the expression we will be looking for going forward, a little more body and perceived sweetness without being equivalent on the power house of concentration exhibited by the more voluminous ice ciders in our range.”

The tasting notes for this years vintage was compiled by two of Brännland Cider’s longest standing ambassadors, Per and Lars Åkerlund of Umeå-based fine food purveyors DUÅ.

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Andreas Sundgren, MD and Founder Brännland Cider – andreas@brannlandcider.se
Gustaf Lönnbeck, Vinunic, gustaf.lonnbeck@vinunic.se