IWSC Trophy 2021 Brännlad Iscider
News 14 July, 2021

Brännland Cider awarded IWSC:s inaugural ice cider trophy

At IWSC:s inaugural international judging for cider produced as wine from 100% apple juice Brännland Cider won a number of medals, out of which five gold, in the class “Ice Cider – naturally cold produced”.

The ice cider judged as the best in the entered field, taking home the class trophy, was Brännland Iscider Barrique 2013. The jury gave it 97 points and wrote:

”Aromatic and giving on the nose. The palate is elegant yet rich with fresh walnuts, spicy nutmeg and cinnamon wrapped around caramelised oranges and orange peel. This is so well balanced with great acidity. Complex example with depth and a long finish.”


Andreas Sundgren, founder Brännland Cider:

”We made the decision a few years ago to stop competing but when we heard about the IWSC initiative this spring we felt the time had come for an exception. The IWSC puts its focus on judging rather than competition which strengthens an entire field of producers and they have, as the first organisation in Europe, split the ice cider class into two categories, differentiating between ice cider produced using natural cold and ice cider produced by other means, in line with the AOC in the country of origin. IWSC:s global position together with a strong jury made it impossible not to participate. We are honored and happy to have won these medals and to be a part of this historic initiative by the IWSC.”

Brännland Cider’s ice ciders are available in a number of international markets.

About Brännland Cider

Brännland Cider was founded a decade ago with the vision of creating a world class sweet wine using Swedish apples only and guided by the same principles as the greatest sweet wine producers around the world. In its ten years of existence the company has taken place in some of the world’s best restaurants to be served alongside legends like Yquem and Müller.

The company, situated on latitude 63 at par with Iceland, Greenland and Alaska, focuses entirely on ice cider, a sweet dessert wine born in the early 1990s in Quebec, Canada. The light warm summers and cold winters of the sub-arctic are ideally suited to produce ice cider. Parallel to developing European ice cider Brännland Cider are establishing the worlds northern most apple orchards.

The vision is a singular ice cider born out of singular and unique terroir. A truly Nordic terroir that can grow and develop for a century and beyond and rival the finest wine making regions in the world.

About IWSC

  • With over 50 years of experience, the IWSC, or Club Oenologique as it was called back in 1969, was the first official wine and spirit competition. 

  •  The IWSC is proud to set the international benchmark for quality, standing out in the crowded world of drinks awards with hundreds of global experts.

  • IWSC judges consist of a mix of wine and spirit experts, such as leading sommeliers, Master of Wines and Master Sommeliers, and distillers from across the globe.

  • The IWSC is the go-to platform for having your wines or spirits tasted and reviewed by leading decision-makers from both the off- and on-trades, as well as by key influencers. 

  • Whether you are looking for new distribution channels, local or global exposure, product benchmarking, greater brand awareness or simply expert feedback, the IWSC is there for you.

Contact Brännland Cider
Andreas Sundgren – Founder – andreas@brannlandcider.se

Contact IWSC 
IWSC: Kristen Dougall – Marketing Manager – kristen.dougall@iwsc.net