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News 12 October, 2021

Brännland Cider releases Brännland Iscider EMBER

On November 5th Brännland Cider releases Brännland Iscider EMBER, a spiced ice cider to enjoy cold, hot or as part of a cocktail in the colder months of the year.

Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Cider:

We wanted to make a spiced ice cider close to the German glühwein-tradition without compromising with what our ice cider is. Mulled cider 2.0 if you will. We’ve spiced a blend of barrel aged 2018 ice cider and steel tank aged 2019 with an artisanal German glühwein distillate, added a top note of Bergamot from organic ethereal oil and finally a touch of apple-brandy distilled from our cider by our friend Jonas Larsson at Tevsjö distillery. As a whole EMBER is very recognizable as an ice cider but with a seasonal twist added.

Brännland Iscider EMBER is released in a limited edition bottling on November 5th.