News 8 September, 2022


In collaboration with its UK partners, Brännland Iscider, releases The List by Brännland Iscider.

The List is what it says it is, a list. Customers with an extra interest in Brännland Isciders ice ciders will have the opportunity to sign up and receive offers for small batches, older vintages, limited editions and vintage pre-releases.

Brännland Iscider hopes to be able to engage the customers signed up to The List in a more direct conversation about the company’s wines, past, present and future.

For its opening releases Brännland Iscider will welcome all customers who want to sign up but eventually the membership for The List will be capped to a limited number of customers.

Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Iscider

We’ve been working on this for a while now. We’re offering The List members an opportunity to acquire small batch, rare, intriguing Ice Ciders from us, to enter into a conversation with the wines, and hopefully, with us. Initially it will be about getting your hands on rarities from Brännland Iscider but in the longer term we are looking at specific events for those signed up, tastings, dinners.

The List is built in collaboration with our partners in the UK rather than as a webshop that will take sales from them. The customers are recruited through our partners and all sales executed by them.

To learn more about The List, future releases, how it works and what it does as well as a chance to sign up, visit one of our partner specific websites –> The List – Fine Cider