Belle de Boskoop 2015

Limited edition ice ciders from Brännland Cider.

Belle de Boskoop 2015


Brännland Iscider Belle de Boskoop is the finest , sweetest must from the exceptional 2015 vintage, fermented wild on a 114 liter oak barrel and left to age on the same barrel, untouched, for 36 months. The prolonged ageing has given the ice cider a depth and weight that is second to no other dessert wine. All the characteristics we associate with barrel aged ice cider are augmented, oxidative, avec-like notes of dark sugar and caramel dominate. Just before bottling we’ve added a touch of the Brännland Iscider Barrique 2018 to turn up that apple acidity and balance the 220 grams of residual sugar we’ve left in the Belle de Boskoop.

Brännland Iscider can be enjoyed on its own, chilled or in the company of desserts & cheeses.


Deep amber with notes of deep red.
Round dark sugar, rum and calvados notes, forest floor after a spring rain.
Heavy Caribbean caramel-sweetness balanced by a clear, singing apple acidity.
Residual sugar
220 grams/litre

650 bottles 187 ml – bottles/case 6

Serving temperature
8-12 degrees centigrade
Very good ageing potential.
Pairing Meditational wine. Buy a bottle. Keep it for a long time. Enjoy on a special occasion.

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