Brännland Apple Ice 2021

Enjoy as a sweet wine, a vin de soif, as part of a meal where the sweetness and plays well with the food.

Using the natural winter cold of Northern Sweden we concentrate apple juice on the best Swedish apples and ferment the sweet must into an ice wine, an ice cider, with equal parts fresh apple acidity and warm autumnal apple sweetness.

Brännland Apple Ice 2021

Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Cider:

It’s not entirely easy to recreate a wine for which the previous vintage kinda materialised out of thin air in the winery. To understand and approach that expression of wild lightness without compromising balance and body we combined the known facts – apple variety (in this case 100% Mutsu) and the starting sugar of the concentrated juice – with a wild but monitored fermentation.  

The result is very close to the original vintage but it’s a more mature, developed wine. The biggest difference, the acidity in the starting juice and finished wine, which for the 2021 is higher than in the 2020, varies for the same amount of sugar in the juice from vintage to vintage which in turn changes that expression. 

Enjoy it now or lay it down. We think the 2021 has a better propensity for ageing than the 2020.  

This is a new step for us and quite possibly a new direction for how a serious wine made from apples can be made and perceived.  

Crystal clear, light red gold.
Haughty citrus and mineral.
Warm yellow apples, stone fruit sweetness, long balanced finish with equal parts sweetness, citrus peel and apple acidity. Much like the lemon custard my great grandmother used to serve for dessert on Sundays.
10 %
Residual sugar
99 grams/liter
Total acidity
12,9 grams/liter
June 2022

6000 bottles 750 ml – 12 per case

Serving temperature

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