Brännland Apple Ice 2020

Enjoy as a sweet wine, a vin de soif, as part of a meal where the sweetness and plays well with the food.

Using the natural winter cold of Northern Sweden we concentrate apple juice on the best Swedish apples and ferment the sweet must into an ice wine, an ice cider, with equal parts fresh apple acidity and warm autumnal apple sweetness.

Brännland Apple Ice 2020

Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Cider,

We produced a tiny 2020 vintage and decided to bottle it all like this. A light sweet wine in a bottle from which you can pour big glasses and just enjoy. Uncomplicated but not without depth or personality. When you drink it as a producer it’s one of those things where you think “I never want to make anything but this ever again”. Enjoy as a sweet wine, a vin de soif, as part of a meal where the sweetness and plays well with the food.

Joel Welander, vinmakare,

Fermentation was steady, clean and solely carried through with our native yeast. This wine stopped at the sweet spot where the acidity and sugar are in perfect symbiosis and we were able to bottle a very neat and graceful ice cider. 

Having a big love for German wines I can’t help but think about an Auslese when I have this one. Precise acidity and a gentle sweetness give the wine a “gluglu factor” which is off the charts. The wild fermentation gives it a whole new dimension to what I believe is one of the greatest wines we bottled so far. The old saying that great wines make themselves is seemingly true.

Crystal clear, bright lemon-green colour with strikes of gold.
Fresh sun-warm apples, ripe gooseberries, Amalfi coast lemon, white chalky stones.
A big basket full of fresh apples and red gooseberries, a generous handful of citrus fruit accompanied with a bouquet of early summer flowers. Wrapped and finished off with a marked minerality alluding to chalk and white sandstone
9,5 %
Residual sugar
91 grams/litre
Total acidity
10,5 grams/litre

1000 bottles 750 ml – 12 per case

Serving temperature
Pairing Drink like you would a Mosel Riesling with some residual sugar.

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