Brännland Isicder PLEX 2018

Using the natural winter cold of Northern Sweden we concentrate apple juice from the best Swedish apples and ferment the sweet must into an ice wine, an ice cider, with equal parts fresh apple acidity and warm autumnal apple sweetness.

Limited edition ice ciders from Brännland Cider.

Brännland Isicder PLEX 2018

In 2016, Swedish artist Petter and Brännland Cider started a conversation on northern orchards and Swedish cider.  

The conversation ranged from adoption of apple trees in Brännland Ciders orchard in Västerbotten to the creation of a new ice cider to commemorate Petters 20th anniversary as an artist in 2018. 

In the fall of 2018 we released the first vintage in a limited edition. The bottles were sold within a matter of days. Soon after release we decided to expand the project to become an annual release and so we present our third collaborative vintage the Brännland Iscider PLEX 2018.  

PLEX iscider fermented slowly in the spring of 2019 and was then aged for 24 months on two small 114 liter oak barrels, made from Transylvanian oak.  

Petter about PLEX iscider 2018: 

I am impressed with how the PLEX iscider is developing. The prolonged ageing has added depth and weight to the Bottled wine. Fantastic. This year we’ve also bottled 48 magnums for longer ageing or for opening for special occasions.   

Tasting notes by Petter Alexis Askergren
Dark red golden.
Deep toffee notes crossing mover to dark, lightly burnt sugar
Sweetness with a beautifully balanced acidity. The concentration is hard and taut yet elegant. Backbone built for eternity.
12 %
Residual sugar
166 gr/litre
Total acidity
18,6 gr/litre

650 bottles 187 ml – 6 bottles/case
48 bottles 150 ml – 1 bottle/case

Serving temperature
8-12 degrees centigrade
Very good ageing potential.
Pairing Cheese, desserts with apple and berries, foie gras. Cigar and meditational wine.

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