26 June, 2017

Facts Röbäcksdalen

Röbäcksdalen, an agricultural plain close to the center of Umeå, is one of northern Swedens oldest continuously farmed places.

In October 2016 Brännland Cider planted 1000 apple trees at Röbäcksdalen. The orchard was financed in collaboration with public institutions, academia, private citizens and local businesses in a crowd funding campaign through Kickstarter in November 2016. The campaign invited individuals, businesses and institutions to adopt and name a tree in the orchard.
Every tree is connected to an individual and the thought is to concretize and tie Brännland Ciders vision closer to the local community.

The project is the starting point for a new ice cider and cider terroir in northern Europe, a new agricultural field in northern Sweden and touches on a wide variety of issues such as urban farming, tourism and the sustainable creation of jobs for future generations.

• The orchard at Röbäcksdalen encompasses 1000 apple trees of Russian, Finnish and Swedish origin.
• The varieties are chosen for their durability in a northern climate as well as to, as a whole, make up a natural field blend suited to make ice cider and cider.
• A little over 360 private citizens, businesses and public institutions have contributed to the planting of the orchard at Röbäcksdalen.