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brännland iscider nobelbanketten
News 10 December, 2022
After a two year hiatus as a result of the covid pandemic tonight marks the return of the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm city hall. This year Brännland Iscider has been bestowed the honour of delivering the wine for the dessert served to the 1300 guests. This is the first time a Swedish wine has been served in the 121 year history of the banquet. “One of the...
News 8 September, 2022
In collaboration with its UK partners, Brännland Iscider, releases The List by Brännland Iscider. The List is what it says it is, a list. Customers with an extra interest in Brännland Isciders ice ciders will have the opportunity to sign up and receive offers for small batches, older vintages, limited editions and vintage pre-releases. Brännland Iscider hopes to be able to engage the customers signed up...
Brännland Iscider 2021 pressmeddelande
News 30 August, 2022
Brännland Iscider releases its 2021 vintage, a vintage that is long-awaited seeing as the company sold out its last vintage in May 2022. Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Iscider, on the vintage, At extraction in February and March the weather was cold and the starting sugar levels through the roof. For a long time during fermentations we were sure that the 2021 would be our sweetest vintage...
Andreas Sundgren vd brännland iscider
News 17 June, 2022
Realising it has been a while since I wrote a longer piece to you I wanted to share some things about the 2021 vintage that, at the time of writing, we’re in the last stages of finishing in our winery.  On the 2021 Brännland Iscider  When we started extraction of the sweet juice from the frozen early in the season we were hit with cold weather....
nyhet ember
News 12 October, 2021
On November 5th Brännland Cider releases Brännland Iscider EMBER, a spiced ice cider to enjoy cold, hot or as part of a cocktail in the colder months of the year. Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Cider: We wanted to make a spiced ice cider close to the German glühwein-tradition without compromising with what our ice cider is. Mulled cider 2.0 if you will. We’ve spiced a blend...
IWSC Trophy 2021 Brännlad Iscider
News 14 July, 2021
At IWSC:s inaugural international judging for cider produced as wine from 100% apple juice Brännland Cider won a number of medals, out of which five gold, in the class “Ice Cider – naturally cold produced”. The ice cider judged as the best in the entered field, taking home the class trophy, was Brännland Iscider Barrique 2013. The jury gave it 97 points and wrote: ”Aromatic and...
Brännland Iscider 2019
Press releases 13 July, 2021
Brännland Cider releases the latest vintage of its flagship ice cider Brännland Iscider 2019 in June. This is the core ice cider with which the company started its production and continues to lead and shape a small portfolio which, from 2021 and onwards, will be focused entirely on ice cider. The vintage differs from previous years as a result of the 2019 harvest being markedly different...
Äpplen från Burträsk.
Press releases 3 February, 2021
As 2021 rolls into the calendar the project “Commercial productive apple growing in a northern climate – innovation for new climate resilient agriculture in northern Europe”, a project to lay the foundation of a new apple growing region in Northern Europe and as a result, a new terroir in nordic wine and cider culture reaches some milestones and enters the next phase. The project has been...
Barrique 2018 släppt
Press releases 17 December, 2020
Brännland Cider releases its 6th vintage of the award winning Brännland Iscider Barrique in October.  The 2018 vintage was a banner year for apple growers in Sweden, the ice cider produced from it in natural balance all through the harvest  and in bottle. Andreas Sundgren, founder and principal cider maker at Brännland Cider, “The 2018 is curious in that an usually large part of it was...
Press releases 18 February, 2020
Brännland Cider to establish 10 hectares of commercially viable and productive apple orchards in collaboration with farmers, regional governments as well as national and international stakeholders from academia and business.
Press releases 10 October, 2019
Brännland Cider announces new distribution in Finland with Vinunic Finland.
Press releases 26 June, 2019
Claim by Brännland Cider might the truest and original expression of Swedish apples that we’ve yet to come upon since it doesn’t model itself or conform to any appellation other than that of the country, apples and family of ciders from which it was born.
Press releases 6 May, 2019
Brännland Ciders are delighted to announce a working partnership with Connoisseur Estates to develop their UK distribution.
Press releases 13 February, 2019
Brännland Iscider Barrique 2014 and 2015 places first and second in the Best By Style Cider and Perry category at 2018 Ratebeer Best.

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