29 May, 2017

Update on 1000 trees at Röbäcksdalen

Hello everyone,

Writing this in English since we have some tree-adopters who are not in Sweden.

Spring is finally arriving to northern Sweden and our apple trees are getting to ready to develop their first buds for this year. Winter has been a little unusual in that the snow came late but was preceded very cold temperatures, not the greatest combination for young saplings.

We went through some of the trees last week and will do a fuller check this week. It seems that the young trees have handled the challenges well. Any trees that might not have survived the conditions will be exchanged for new ones but right now the survival rate looks good. 

I know we’ve been promising a planting map on line sometime in spring but as with anything you do in a small business we’ve been delayed with producing and bottling more cider. However, now we’re closing in on a set date for the new web and the planting map in the middle of June at which point we will also invite you all to our first harvest feast in August. So please have a little more patience with us and we will return your support.

All the best,

/Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Brännland Cider