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Together with our UK partners, The Fine Cider Company and Cider Is Wine we’ve built The List by Brännland Cider

It is a vehicle for gathering champions and spreading the word about our ice ciders and through The List we will release limited bottlings, vintages that might be officially sold out but still in our archives, fun formats and pre-releases of new vintages.  

If you are on The List you will hear about and be able to taste the new, the odd, the best from Brännland Cider.  As time goes by and we gather ambassadors we plan to offer online and in person events in the UK exclusively for members.  

The List by Brännland Cider is not a web-shop. It doesn’t sell anything. It is what it says on the tin. A list. A way of gathering our fans. All sales go through the partner through whom the customer has received an invitation.  

The List will not infringe on the sales of our partners but gives us the opportunity to tie our most dedicated customers directly to us. Now we can speak to, and build relationships with, the ambassadors we know we have out there, build knowledge and awareness, spread the word, while still driving all sales through our established partners.  

Joining is simple. A customer gets an invitation to join through one of Brännland Cider’s UK partners. If the customer registers to The List he, she or they will get access to The List releases exclusively through that partner.  For now The List only caters to the British market but provided it works well the company hopes to expand to other European countries. 

If you live in the UK and would like to join through one of the UK partners just surf on over to one of their respective List-sites.

About The Fine Cider Company 

The Fine Cider Company are cider merchants, like wine merchants, who source and supply the finest ciders. They supply cider to many of the best restaurants in the UK, from the iconic to the emerging, such as Lyle’s, The Clove Club, St John,  L’Enclume & The Fat Duck. They like to work closely with their makers, and look for creations that are full of life and to be savoured. A connection to the locale and the landscape is a must. 

The role of the ‘cider merchant’ was once an accustomed thing in the UK, particularly through the heyday of cider and perry in the 17th & 18th centuries; they keep that legacy alive.

About Cider Is Wine 

Cider is Wine  certifies, educates about and sells wine-quality cider. 

The Cider Is Wine hologram applied to every bottle defines the sector for real, artisan ciders made from the whole fruit, not from concentrate, reflecting where they came from, who produced them, the varietals that made them, and the year in which they were harvested. 

The approach is very much in line with the growing interest people have in provenance, quality and authenticity – or, put simply, the real deal.

Why does this matter? Whilst EU law states that wine made from grapes must be fermented exclusively from grapes, no such rules and regulations apply to cider. In the UK, for example, cider can be made from just 35% apple juice, all of which can be from imported concentrate. 

Cider Is Wine’s mission is to educate so consumers can make an informed choice. We’re all about wine quality cider  drinks that can be appreciated every bit as much as any fine wine.

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